Premium Astronomy Tour

Astronomical observation with motorized telescopes (Schmidt-Cassegrain 9.25 inch). These telescopes follows celestial objects every moment. Also, in the naked eye observations you will lay down in yoga mats with blankets and pillows to observe constellations. The tour ends with tibetan and quartz singing bowls and astrophotographies that we upload in our social medias. Our tours are in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation with audio receivers   


  • Certified astronomy guide. 

  • English/Spanish Interpreter

  • Homemade Pisco Sour o juice. 

  • Astrophotography.

  • Sound therapy with tibetan and quartz singing bowls. (The vibration of singing bowls balance your body energy because of the sound frequency they release).


What you will learn? 


  • "Diaguita Culture”

  • “Astronomy and Astroturism”.

  • “How Astronomy impacts in our daily life".



  • Warm clothes.

Duration Time:


  • Summer time: 21:00-23:00

  • Winter time: 19:00-21:00


Price per person:

  • $20.000 chilean pesos                           

  • payment: credit card or cash.